Waterfall Arts Denizen Show: Experimentation

Closeup of "Species#160119 (and logbook)"

Please join us this Friday, January 22nd from 5-8 p.m. at Waterfall Arts, 256 High Street in Belfast, for the opening of the “Denizen Studio Show: Experimentation.”

This show may or may not answer the question, “What is experimentation to the artist as it is to the scientist?”  It surely will be interesting.

The image above is merely a part of my piece for the show.  This piece is incorporates painting, drawing, printmaking, fiber, and bookmaking.  Want to see more? See it (and you) at the show!

We were asked to write about our work, and this question, for the exhibit:

“I have always had a fascination with art that was in the service of science; from the 16th century’s Andreas Vesalius’  De humani corporis fabrica to the long tradition of amateur botanical painters and explorer/artist/adventurers such as Audubon. Early in my career, I did work as an illustrator for both educational and medical markets. The marriage of keen observation and artistic depiction grabbed me the first time I looked under a microscope and drew what I saw.

As a fine artist, what my work depicts, and whether it’s “correct” or not is of no importance. It is not in the service of explaining, depicting, or instructing. All my work still reflects my fascination with the natural world and one’s observation of it, but the process and experimentation is the important work now. I move freely between “portraying” the real and that which is imagined or remembered, or simply the feeling of what is.  In this way, I am free from constraints of the illustrator or scientist. My discoveries are internal, and the only failures can be those of aesthetics. Even then, every failure (like the scientist) only leads to more discovery if one keeps at it.”

The show will be up through March 18th.