Maine Farmland Trust Gallery: Bearing Fruit

"Terroir 150328" Mixed Media
“Terroir 150308”
Mixed Media

Seven pieces of my work will be in the upcoming show, “Bearing Fruit,” at the Maine Farmland Trust Gallery.  It should be an interesting show – four artists downstairs and one up in this small but excellent gallery.  Bear in mind that the gallery’s proceeds from sales go to an excellent cause. Please read about the history and mission of Maine Farmland Trust here.

Please join us at the opening on Friday, April 3, from 5-7:30 p.m. The show will be up until May 8th.

While working on the pieces for this show, I periodically jotted down some notes. It was a hard winter, and making art didn’t come easily. If you’d like to read some of my thoughts,  they’re after the jump:

Aerial #3
“Aerial #3 (Terroir)” close-up

It occurred to me today that I think a lot about art making. Sometimes I spend more time thinking than making. But, when I’m working, I do not think (or at least it feels that way). I was in the print studio yesterday, and it’s process, process, process. I never think about ideas such as “success” or “failure.” It’s simply making. Prints that don’t work on their own become other objects.

I lose my self while working, but if my art is not an authentic expression of my self, it doesn’t work.  Therein lays a conundrum and a goal I do seek; finding that point at which self and no-self meet.

I reach for metaphors for how I work. I create my own found objects, so in a sense I am like a sloppy farmer who sows seeds hither and yon. Later, I collect what I’ve made and try to make a meal out of it all. In the process, if I discover I’ve not made all the ingredients for a tasty dish, I make new objects. The leftovers are many, and they become the fodder for new ideas, or the basis for my background prints.