Betts Gallery Show

"Specimen #51614W" Linen, cotton, wool, glass beads & monoprint on silk
“Specimen #51614W”
Linen, cotton, wool, glass beads & monoprint on silk

This is the second of my two pieces at the Betts Gallery show, “31 Flavors,” featuring the work of 31 Maine artists. I have seen the show and it’s a good cross section of  artists. Bravo to Anne Warren for hanging the show so well. It’s a challenge when artists are so stylistically and thematically different.  If you’re in Maine, please join us at the opening reception on Friday May 30th from 5:30-8 p.m. This is the first of the Final Friday Art Walks here in Belfast. It should be fun. 

Close up “Specimen #51614W”

Printmaking is the one thing I did in art school that I have missed. I studied etching and lithography and was fascinated by the precision that these techniques demanded. I discovered monoprint in the last month or so of art school simply because I needed to use up printmaking paper before I lost access to a press.

Time constraints forced me into loosening up, and I simply played, something I had not done before.I discovered, after four years of being preoccupied with technique and craft above expression, that I loved it.

It could have been a turning point in my life, but I went on to be a food and educational illustrator, and then a tattoo artist, all highly exacting forms that favored technique mastery over all else.

In the last few months, I’ve been exploring monoprint using a press. Working in a larger space (not my kitchen) has helped me free up my work once again. Finally, I am throwing off the shackles of my urge towards perfectionism. This is a freedom I am more than happy to embrace.