Aarhus Gallery Show

"Specimens J30-4" Siik, linen, glass beads, wool & monoprint
“Specimens J30-4”
Siik, linen, glass beads, wool, paper clay & monoprint

I will be the featured artist this September at Aarhus Gallery in Belfast, ME. This is the first piece I’ve put into the two-tone frames I am using for the new work in the show. The show will be up from September 2 through the 28th, and the opening reception will be on Friday, September 5th from 5-8 p.m. Please join us! Some thoughts after the jump. . .

I had been making seedpod-like forms for days and felt unsatisfied with them. I have a collection of about a dozen that will wind up in the trash, recycled for other things, or unintentional cat toys.

The object on the left in this piece was the result of frustration, something that produces breakthroughs if one doesn’t simply succumb to giving up on an idea. I love that “aha! moment” when I’m working on an idea that finally comes together.

I’m always looking for the intersection of intention and accident, order and chaos. While these things may not look like what my art making is about, they are indeed.